Computer Graphics Applets

All applets were written in the Summer of 1996, using the JDK 1.0.2 and Gnu Emacs on an SGI Indy. In January '99 the applets have been souped up a bit (better instructions, units/letters along axes, bug fix in clipping applet, etc.): thanks to those of you who have been sending comments. And this was again done using the JDK 1.0.2 and Emacs, this time on an SGI Octane :-) A kind reader pointed me to a 10-year old bug I knew about, in the specular highlighting code of the lighting applet, I finally got round to fixing it (November 2008...). A few features were added to the Bézier applet in April 2010 (Emacs, JDK 1.6, Fedora 8).

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Click here for an archive (tarred and gzipped) of all the source + makefiles of these applets.
Click here for the same in a zipfile.

JAR versions (for Netscape 4 and up):

In separate class files (for Netscape 3):

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