For now, this is a copy of my grad student homepage as it appeared at
between August 1995 and June 2016

Patrick Min
(picture of me in a restaurant in Bergen NH)

I was a graduate student in the Princeton CS department, working on a 3D model search engine with Prof. Tom Funkhouser, and defended my thesis on Dec 9, 2003. Currently I'm a freelance C++ programmer in the Netherlands.

Newer publications (2004 - present)
A Comparison of Text and Shape Matching for Retrieval of Online 3D Models (PDF, 55K), Patrick Min, Michael Kazhdan, and Thomas Funkhouser, Proc. European Conference on Digital Libraries, Bath, UK, September 2004, © Springer-Verlag
Modeling by Example (PDF, 4.8MB), Thomas Funkhouser, Michael Kazhdan, Philip Shilane, Patrick Min, William Kiefer, Ayellet Tal, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, and David Dobkin, ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2004), Los Angeles, August 2004. Movie: DivX 720x480 (71MB), or DivX 360x240 (21MB)
The Princeton Shape Benchmark (PDF, 202K), Philip Shilane, Patrick Min, Michael Kazhdan, and Thomas Funkhouser, Proc. Shape Modeling International, Genoa, Italy, June 2004
A Beam Tracing Method for Interactive Architectural Acoustics, (PDF, 695K), Thomas Funkhouser, Nicolas Tsingos, Ingrid Carlbom, Gary Elko, Mohan Sondhi, James E. West, Gopal Pingali, Patrick Min, and Addy Ngan, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 115(2), pages 739-756, February 2004
A 3D Model Search Engine (PDF, 4.8MB), Patrick Min, Ph.D. Thesis, Princeton University, January 2004
Early Experiences with a 3D Model Search Engine (PDF, 738K), Patrick Min, John A. Halderman, Michael Kazhdan, Thomas A. Funkhouser, Proc. Web3D Symposium, pages 7-18, Saint-Malo, France, March 2003
A Search Engine for 3D Models, (PDF, 3.3MB), Thomas Funkhouser, Patrick Min, Michael Kazhdan, Joyce Chen, Alex Halderman, David Dobkin, and David Jacobs, ACM Transactions on Graphics, 22(1), pages 83-105, January 2003. Movie: DivX 720x480 (69MB), or DivX 360x240 (20MB)
A 2D Sketch Interface for a 3D Model Search Engine (PDF, 202K), Patrick Min, Joyce Chen, and Thomas Funkhouser, SIGGRAPH 2002 Technical Sketches, Conference Abstracts and Appl., p. 138
Priority-Driven Acoustic Modeling for Virtual Environments, (PDF, 338K), Patrick Min and Thomas Funkhouser, Proc. EUROGRAPHICS 2000, pages 179-188, Interlaken, Switzerland, August 2000
Real-time Acoustic Modeling for Virtual Environments, (PDF, 261K), Thomas Funkhouser, Patrick Min, and Ingrid Carlbom, Proc. SIGGRAPH 1999, pages 365-374, Los Angeles, August 1999
Interactive Stereoscopy Optimization for Head-Mounted Displays , (PDF, 103K), Patrick Min and Hans Jense, Proc. SPIE Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems, pages 306-316, 1994
Stereoscopy Optimization for Head-Mounted Displays, (PDF, 323K), Patrick Min, Master's Thesis, Leiden University, the Netherlands, September 1993
the Friend Center Video (2001)
Computer Graphics Applets (1996)
binvox, a tool for binary voxelization of 3D meshes
meshconv, a tool for 3D model conversion
evofunc, a C++ library for evolutionary optimization
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